Introducing Haute Rod - Bespoke Automotive Events

We understand that the success of any event begins and ends with effective database management that delivers the right attendees, inspires their interests and activates car people passion that lasts.

The HauteRod team knows that before you can engage your customers, you have to find them in the crowd

With our database marketing expertise, we're able to steer you toward your buyer personas and shift results into high gear. We utilize reliable data sources like Experian, Hedges & Company, Data Masters, Google, Fico and more to develop a customized list of lead prospects. These hyper-targeted databases allow us to reach the customers waiting to find you. With email, social media, web SEO, telemarketing, and direct mail capabilities, we launch omni-channel advertising campaigns that dramatically increase conversion rates.

And that's just before your event. By collecting data from your attendees, we're able to retarget your unique buyer personas with messaging that satisfies their needs, while maximizing your marketing database to drive real growth.

Our tools for targeting and prequalifying your attendees.

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